Plums Genshin Impact 3.6: the release date, banners, characters, and events

Plums Genshin Impact 3.6: the release date, banners, characters, and events ...

Genshin Impact's 3.6 update should include a lot of content. Players are waiting for new Sumeru and Li Yue characters, as well as a dangerous weekly boss. In addition, some secrets from the Abyss and the Dendro region will be revealed.

The update 3.6, which is available right now, is summarized in this article.

The data provided by early insiders and dataminers is not used. We will update the article as new information and official announcements emerge.

The release date for Genshin Impact 3.6 has been set.

The Genshin Impact 3.6 update will be released on April 12, 2023. The date hasn't yet been officially confirmed, but it's based on the usual patch release schedule. It's unimaginable that the release of the update might be postponed due to unpredictable circumstances.

What will be the colors of the banners?

Bai Zhu and 4 Kaveh will certainly appear in the 3.6 prayers. Nila as well as Nahid have been reported by Dataminers SYP, since the rerun of the Archon usually occurs on the fourth patch from the release.

Shen He was previously leaked in this update, but she has now been upgraded to 3.5. Perhaps instead of her in 3.6 there will be Eola.

In this patch, Dehya will be added to the standard banner.

New characters have been introduced.

New characters will be released in patch 3.6, including 5 Dendro catalyst Bai Zhu and 4 Dendro two-handed Kaveh, who will be officially announced on February 27, 2023. Insiders have already obtained Bai Zhu's preliminary skill data from the beta.

Bai Zhu's skin is now available for free.

Special censored skins for Genie, Rosaria, Mona, and Ember were previously released, and Bai Zhu is expected to wear the same outfit in version 3.6. The problem was the open navel doctor, according to insiders. He will be available for free after the release of the patch.

A new weapon

Bai Zhu's signature weapon will be introduced as a 5catalyst. The weapon, according to dataminers, belongs to the same class of weapons as the Jade Kite with Precious Pool.

New Artifacts

Two new artifacts will be added in 3.6, which were shown by dataminer Thereallo. These are expected to be the last artifacts to be released before Fontaine's release. They might be found somewhere in Sumeru.

Sumeru and Li Yue's New Desert Areas

Insiders claim that new territories in the Sumeru Desert and chenyu valley in Li Yue will be revealed in a single update. In the desert, players are expected Apep's Dragon Dendro Cave, some Thorny swamp and black abyss. Should be connected to Chenyu Valley qiaoying tea village, located north of the village of Qingce.

New pursuits

The Archon quest will be associated with new areas as soon as they are released. The Wanderer may reappear in this quest as a representative of Sumeru Academy's Vahumana darshan.

A fresh aranar plot is planned.

A fresh gathering has taken place.

Ubatcha, an insider, had previously reported a 3.6-day meeting with Lila. No one has confirmed his statements, but they have not been denied. It is unknown what the discussions with the diligent student will be like.

A new weekly boss is in place.

Dendro dragon Apep, who lives in the north of the Hadramavet desert, has a new weekly boss. You must enter his cave in a new story mission.

Insider Blank further revealed that the boss will have two forms, and that he will also summon helpers, like an Oceanid known as "Seed of Arjuna, Ashura, and Karna."

New Enemies

There will be new regular enemies as well as the weekly boss.

Hilichurl rangers can both fly and fly out of the air with something similar to shurikens, according to the anime. They will most likely be the hilichurls shown in the manga.

Hydro Hilichurl Rangers – they are quick to react and attack with sickles. He is a new Herald of the Abyss with four elements and a shield. Hydro and Dendro are sacred predators. Dataminers were mentioned as a crocodile and a panther.

Li Yue is a tree of offerings.

The Sacred Sakura in Inazuma and the Tree in Wanaran are mentioned as possibilities in 3.6.

The Dream Tree's limit has been raised.

The Vanaran Dream Tree will be upgraded to level 50.

New transportation

Blank also mentioned the possibility of a new type of transport from Fontaine.

New experiences are on the way.

As new information becomes available, further information on future events will be added. At the moment, insiders are unconcerned.

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