Bungie dismisses $4.4 million in damages in Destiny 2

Bungie dismisses $4.4 million in damages in Destiny 2 ...

Bungie wins another match against Destiny 2 cheaters. The cheater now has to dig deep into their pockets because the losses are worth more than four million dollars.

Bungie has been putting a heavy stance on the Destiny 2 commercial cheats and tools since the 1980s, particularly when it came to a legal battle. Just yesterday, it was revealed that the studio has sued another cheat software company for damages of 6.7 million US dollars.

Bungie's recent victory demonstrates that the company is on the right track. AimJunkies had filed a copyright violation lawsuit, among other things, and the first attempt failed in May 2022. AimJunkies had stated that its software was an original product and therefore not an "unlicensed copy."

As other aspects of the litigation, such as trademark infringement and violations of the DMCA, remained at issue, the judge ruled in Bungie's favor on all counts.

AimJunkies revoked its license to sell its cheat software to the general public, violated the DMCA by using it to sell it to the general public, committed "unlawful interference" by interfering with Bungie's business, violated Washington State's consumer protection statute, and committed "expropriation" by lying and dissecting financial records and other relevant papers in its response to Bungie's first cease and desist order.

The ultimate award to Bungie is 4.4 million US dollars, and a temporary order prohibiting the further production of Destiny 2 cheats is inevitable.

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