Horizon PSVR 2: Is this the next generation of virtual reality? The developers affirm the answer!

Horizon PSVR 2: Is this the next generation of virtual reality? The developers affirm the answer! ...

Horizon PSVR 2: Is it possible to develop next-gen virtual reality? The developers answer yes!

Published on 02/22/2023 at 12:05

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Horizon Call of the Mountains is expected to be PSVR 2's flagship game, with Guerrilla Games and Firesprite discussing the two studios working on this huge VR game.

PlayStation has placed the dishes in the big ones for the PSVR 2 release on February 22, 2023! This includes a virtual reality remake for Gran Turismo 7, Resident Evil 8, and a port of Moss, the little mouse from Polyarc studio.

It's more than a hundred-hour sprint or an adventure to soothe your anxieties, there's something special about Sony's PSVR 2 software (in January 2022) that makes you want, in particular "eye-tracking" that is to say eye tracking... Not to mention the PS5's graphics power.

Yes, a beautiful baby on which PlayStation has mobilized two internal teams: Guerrilla, the father of the eponymous franchise (Horizon Zero Dawn, Forbidden West), who has already worked in virtual reality with RIGS Mechanized Combat League, via his studio at Cambridge, and Firesprite, a young foal from the Japanese manufacturer acquired in 2021 and specialized in VR (Playroom, The Persistence).

Two is preferable.

Call of the Mountain started to germinate in the spirit of Guerrilla in 2016 even before Zero Dawn was released. "We were wondering what we could do with this universe if it was a success," says Jan-Bart van Beek, who oversees all the artistic parts at Guerrilla Games. "I'm a huge fan of virtual reality (...) and when there was the discussion "should we make a VR game?" I answered "yes, absolutely!"

Several years after the project was launched, Firesprite, who previously worked with PSVR on The Playroom VR intended for PSVR, has joined the crew: "We (Guerrilla, editor's note) have developed a vision"

"We had close communication on the project, and we worked together," Jan-Bart said of Firesprite's Game Director. The two studios have a time difference of just one hour.

A "game changer"

The Horizon license, well-known for its excellent graphics, is the ideal VR game candidate... Its colorful world allows for reflection of the PSVR 2 screen's quality and resolution, and its gigantic creatures indicate a "significant difference" in scale between the player and his surroundings (perfect for achieving the "wow" effect).

"You had to know what this new headset (the PSVR 2, editor's note) might do," says Alex Barnes of Firesprite. The visuals have gone from "nice for a VR title" to "awesome."

Concretely, the technology allows for better rendering without sacrificing the – vital – number of frames per second.

Alex Barnes says, "Not being restricted by the hardware (thanks to eye-tracking among other things) was extremely beneficial." This feature has been integrated into the gameplay, allowing players to aim archery."

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