DLC for Resident Evil 4: VR Mode for PlayStation VR2 is now available for download

DLC for Resident Evil 4: VR Mode for PlayStation VR2 is now available for download ...

'Resident Evil 4' will have a VR mode. What about the game's development? Capcom has issued a status update today, indicating that the "RE4" remake's VR mode will be included with a free download.

Capcom commented on the new "Resident Evil 4" VR mode, which will be released on March 24, 2023. The virtual reality experience seems to be a long way off.

Capcom states in a tweet that the development of the virtual reality component has begun. It did not provide any further information about the content of this component and only referenced it: "We look forward to further details in the future."

Capcom provided some feedback and promised that the Resident Evil 4 VR mode would be available for free download for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation VR2.

Resident Evil Village is now available on PSVR2.

However, owners of the hardware do not have to miss out on a VR experience in the "Resident Evil" universe because "Resident Evil Village" has been updated with a new virtual reality glasses that are now compatible. Players may even benefit from the Sense controllers as well.

Demos for PlayStation VR2 have been released for players who don't own 'Resident Evil Village.'

During the week, ten more games were announced for the PlayStation VR2 launch window. Earlier there were discussions about more than 30 games that purchasers of the headset will be able to enjoy during the release phase. Also included are improvements to existing titles.

More PS VR2 news:

PlayStation VR2 is available now for 599.99 euros. Players who wish to spend 50 euros more will receive a special bundle with "Horizon: Call of the Mountain."

More PlayStation VR2 news.

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