Three highlight demos for PlayStation VR 2 are now available

Three highlight demos for PlayStation VR 2 are now available ...

The PlayStation VR 2 is officially available for purchase beginning today. The glasses come with a large number of games, making the purchase decision sometimes difficult. Sony is offering three demos in its own store, which cover some of the biggest movies of the past year.

The most significant VR hype may be passed, yet the technology still has a few followers. Simple solutions are particularly in demand, and the PlayStation VR did quite well in 2016. From today, you can purchase the glasses, and the launch lineup also looks impressive. At times, choosing can be difficult.

These Best Gen 1 PSVR Games are listed below.

Sony is thinking about you, and is giving you the chance to try out at least three games in advance, so you know exactly whether or not a purchase is worthwhile for you. With Horizon: Call of the Mountain, Resident Evil: Village, and Star Wars: The Edge of the Galaxy, real heavyweights are waiting for you to try them out.

Access to PlayStation Plus or other subscriptions appears to be nonexistent. The shop descriptions do not indicate which sections of the games you may be allowed to play. However, it should always be the beginning.

Below you will find a list of all the PlayStation VR games that will be released during the PlayStation VR 2 launch period. We will examine some of them in greater detail during testing in the following days.

After the Fall, 2MD: VR Football Unleashed Altair Breaker Awesome Asteroids Cactus Cowboy: Plants at War Cave Digger 2: Enhanced Edition No Man's Sky Pavlov VR Pistol Whip Puzzling Places Ragnarock Resident Evil Village The Legend of Onogoro Thumper Tentacular Townsmen VR Unplugged What the Bat? Zenith: The Last City Zombieland: Headshot Fever: Reloaded Alles zu

The Sony Virtual Reality headset PlayStation VR 2 will be released next week. Felix might spend many hours with the glasses on, but most importantly, learn more about the games in this video.

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