See how little Mercury passes over the Sun

See how little Mercury passes over the Sun ...

The earth would not appear to be much larger.

Mercury flies past the star, the smallest planet in the solar system, giving the Solar Orbiter satellite a great opportunity to study the Sun's size and its planets.

Mercury is a tiny dark disk visible against the backdrop of one of the Sun's sections, according to the solar orbiter team. Mercury is comparable in size to one of the sunspots.

The researchers used the appearance of Mercury to calibrate the Solar Orbiter instruments used to observe the Sun.

Mercury should be a black object, as scientists claim, but if the tool fixes any glow inside its disk, it is not properly configured.

Mercury is a small black dot at the bottom of the photo.

Mercury is located at a distance of about 58 million kilometers from the Sun, which revolves around the star in 87.97 Earth days. For comparison, the distance between the Earth and the Sun is about 150 million kilometers.

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