Blumhouse Productions: A horror film studio wants to create games

Blumhouse Productions: A horror film studio wants to create games ...

Blumhouse Productions is a well-known horror film producer who has flooded the genre with low-cost but financially successful movies and series for years. Now Blumhouse is considering gaming, and the concept sounds similar.

Blumhouse Productions has only been operating since 2000, but the company has built a strong reputation over the years, putting dozens of low-budget films to the test, most recently titled "Paranormal Activity," which grossed almost $200 million.

The idea of cheap filmmaking has become a trademark of the company, and it is paying off. After all, films such as "The Purge", "Split," and "Get Out" come from the film company.

Blumhouse Productions, which already includes a film distribution company, a book publishing company, and a live event company, has also discovered gaming for itself. With Blumhouse Games, a new studio has been launched that will focus on the development of video games for PC, consoles, and mobile devices.

Blumhouse Games should follow a similar approach to film production. Indie budgets under $10 million US dollars per game are targeted, but still high-quality productions that should benefit from lean processes. It remains to be seen if what has worked so well in the films can also be implemented in video games.

Surprisingly, the studio should not be focusing on film adaptations or video game adaptations of famous films and series, but rather on developing original and independent titles in order to give the studio maximum creative freedom. It will be interesting to see what comes out of this.

Blumhouse Games has apparently already secured the participation of some veterans. Zach Wood has worked for Iron Galaxy, Arkane Studios, and Sony Santa Monica. CFO Don Sechler gained experience in the publishing industry of Sony Playstation at the time.

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