Microsoft's president acknowledges that no one knows what playing on a console (or metaverse) will be like in ten years

Microsoft's president acknowledges that no one knows what playing on a console (or metaverse) will b ...

Microsoft has stated (or rambled on) what it would be like to play on a console in ten years, but its president Brad Smith isn't sure whether or not it will be able to continue on future Xboxes, cloud, metaverso, or something similar.

The company isn't clear as to whether or not its 10-year agreements with Call of Duty will be renewed, and for the same reason, inri.

Smith is as lost as any other user in terms of predicting how console games will be able to be in ten years, according to this mod.

Smith was asked whether or not these CoD agreements on other platforms would be renewed after they expired during a press conference related to the GamesRadar+ purchase.

But microsoft's current president has given an honest, if perhaps unsatisfactory, answer. In short, he has explained why something like this would be impossible with a changing console landscape.

And all of this without mentioning internal business structures. “In 2033, there may be another person here,” Smith said, as well as his response.

"Well, none of us can predict exactly which form factor will be prevalent in gaming in a decade from now.

Will consoles continue to play the same role as today, whether it be phones or some Metaverse? Who knows”.

The origins of Windows and Word in office software are unclear.

Smith is talking about two recently announced and officially signed new agreements: one for Call of Duty on Switch for ten years, and another for NVIDIA to have all Xbox PCs on GeForce NOW.

Smith added that, given all of this and the fact that the FTC is dealing with, "we understand that, in a sense, it can be tempting to hold out as long as you can. "

This is in relation to another statement that he made during the press conference, where Microsoft stated that Sony PlayStation has dominated the European market for the majority of the time, while Nintendo has largely remained unchanged.

"I don't think that's what regulators are supposed to do," he reassured. what will it be like to play on consoles in ten years? It is neither him nor him that is currently the president of Nintendo.

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