Elden Ring: Souls-Like has reached a new milestone

Elden Ring: Souls-Like has reached a new milestone ...

Elden Ring's incredible march is still unbroken. As Bandai Namco proudly announces, the next sales milestone has been reached. The Souls-Like now exceeds many mainstream titles and can justified claim to be a multi-million-selling artist.

Elden Ring's enormous popularity was never anticipated by From Software or Bandai Namco. It's also regarded by many as one of the greatest games of 2022, but also as an important milestone for the entire gaming industry. In September, developers and publishers proudly announced that they've sold 17.5 million units.

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The Elden Ring has been distributed by Bandai Namco and From Software for the amount of 20 million copies. North Rhine-Westphalia is Germany's largest federal state, with 22 million people.

From Software has not yet confirmed anything directly, but has stated that it was working on the Elden Ring expansion. According to various reports and leaks, the game will include new bosses, weapons, and legacy dungeons. Until then, we should still have time to play the main game again with a dance mat or acoustic guitar.

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Elden Ring is in a state of flux – a free update will be released on December 7th that will introduce new PvP options.

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