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Rainbow Six Siege: Year 8's Roadmap | Aroged ...

Rainbow Six Siege Year 8 has four new operators.

Rainbow Six Siege will feature four new operators in the first season of the game. One of them has been announced as participating in Year 8 Season 1, titled Operation Commanding Force. The operator is Brava from Brazil.

Brava, the brand new operator in Season 1 of Year 8.

Brava is an operator class attacker who will be available on the premium Battle Pass track. The new operator has a Kludge Drone gadget that can be used for theft. What makes the gadget unique is that it can be used at any distance.

The next new operator from Sweden will be introduced every season after Brava. After that, new operators from South Korea and Portugal will also be introduced every season.

The Consulate will be reworked, and there will be a new map in Year 8.

Ubisoft will release a rebuilt version of the Consulate map as soon as Year 8 Season 2 of Rainbow Six Siege begins. One of the most significant changes to the map is the removal of the fourth bomb site from the competitive rotation version.

A new map in Portugal will also be released by Ubisoft. Fans will have to wait a long time to see it, since it will only be available in Year 8 Season 4.

Rainbow Six Mobile dan The Division Resurgence Rilis 2023-24 may be seen here.

In Year 8, there will be a Reihe of additional features.

Rainbow Six Siege now has a number of new operators and maps, including MouseTrap's new anti-cheat console version. The reason for including anti-cheat is because the console version does not officially support mouse and keyboard.

A new system will be developed, the Player Commendation System, which helps players grade their abilities in the game. Additionally, a Reputation Penalty will also be imposed specifically for players who abuse voice chat in order to reduce harmful behavior.

Ubisoft promised to improve its UI. Players complain that the Battle Pass UI in Siege is too complicated. At this time, no update is known.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 8 Roadmap

Rainbow Six Siege Season 1 of Operation Commanding Force will start this March. While waiting, players may purchase the Year 8 Pass, which includes four battle passes until March 20, 2023.

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