The achievement "Fearless Explorer" applies to all burial grounds in Hogwarts Legacy

The achievement "Fearless Explorer" applies to all burial grounds in Hogwarts Legacy ...

Hogwarts Legacy is a game that consists of five burial grounds. Each burial ground is a branching dungeon with puzzles, secret areas, items, and other valuable loot.

We'll walk you through the Hogwarts Legacy Burial Grounds, and you'll discover which quests you need to complete.

Where can I find all Hogwarts Legacy burial grounds?

To get to each burial ground, you must do a task.

The area is about 45 minutes north of Hogsmeade. To begin the Helmet of Urtkot quest: Start by typing Urtkot in the box.

Reach level 12 and acquire the Depulso spell in your arsenal. Complete the previous story quest "The Trial of Percival Rackham".

The enemies inside will be infernals. The wizard will encounter unique locked doors with moths, opening Accio gates, and other puzzles.

Requirements for the Cursed Tomb quest:

The Tomb of Betrayal is located in the north of the Poidseer Coast, a stone's throw from the sea, and which is most easily accessible by broomstick. There are five golden entrances inside the tomb, where you will have to guide the moths with the help of Lumos. Prepare to fight infernals and poison runners.

The wizard will have a chance to master the unforgivable Imperius Curse on this burial ground. Player requirements:

Sebastian Sallow is a Level 17 character who has recently joined the ranks of Deep Learning members. Crucio is now available. Complete the mini-questDoctorary discovery“In the course between classmates will visit the crypt of Gaunt.

Sebastian Sallow provides a chance for the young sorcerer to learn Imperius in conversation. You will have to drag boxes and heaps of bones in the quest, open the doors of Accio, remove the debris from Confringo, and interact with retractable plates in the dungeon itself.

Required qualifications for quest activation:

Completed the "Charles Rookwood's Trial" and "Summoner's Field: Match 2" quests.

The Dale family tomb is an ancient burial cavern filled with plants. You'll have to burn out the roots with the fire spells of Incendio, crush stone blockages with the help of Depulso, and scare away the evil snares with the Lumos spell. A powerful enemy of the dungeon is the Troll named Coastal.

You'll need to:

After completing the quest "An Unexpected Encounter", Level 30 was achieved. Completed story quest "In the Shadow of the Mountain".

Toperoyks are the enemies of this burial ground. Among the puzzles are: Accio's doors swinging open, Depulso's stone blockages, and moths following Lumos, put forward with the help of the Accio handle. Go through the dungeon, find the moonstone, and assist Poppy in preserving the animals adjacent to Hogwarts from poachers.

The Secret to Hogwarts Legacy's Fearless Explorer Achievement

After completing all five quests related to cemeteries, you'll earn the achievement Fearless Explorer. The achievement is automatically activated upon completion of the last task.

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