The HONOR X9a smartphone has seven advantages

The HONOR X9a smartphone has seven advantages ...

3DNews has written a thorough review of the phone, and we also discussed the screen (which here is of an exceptional quality). In the same article, we will discuss the seven main advantages of the HONOR X9a, which may interest a wide spectrum of users.

Review of the HONOR X9a video

Dimensions of humanity

The HONOR X9a, which was mentioned in our review, is a very pleasant case to handle. The designer suddenly thought that the user has the most common hand sizes, since evolution is unpredictable.

A stunning screen

The HONOR X9a is an excellent phone for content consumption as well as for anyone who wants to watch movies or TV shows on their phone.

All devices are working correctly.

The days of limitations on HONOR are over. You should not be concerned that you will not be able to run anything on the phone of this brand. It runs on Android 12.0 and has a proprietary Magic UI 6.1 shell, so the phone is more than suitable for experienced Google users.

Sufficient performance

The HONOR X9a is a great smartphone, although it isn't the most powerful in its class, yet it's capable of running games at an acceptable frame rate and excellent graphics settings. There is an option to extend the RAM by up to five gigabytes, though this is unlikely to happen with a thin phone.

The film is stunning.

The HONOR X9a isn't to suggest that it is a suitable smartphone for photographers; after all, professionals and advanced amateurs should avoid buying expensive flagship models. In terms of image processing and white balance, we find the smartphone to be excellent, but also tolerable at night.

Frontalka will make an appearance at blogs.

The HONOR X9a selfie camera is unimpressive at first glance. However, when you examine the result of the photo shoot, it is quite impressive. Again, we can talk about excellent post-processing of images, excellent lighting performance, excellent portrait mode with artificial background blur, and a customizable beautifier.

The product has been working for a long time.

The HONOR X9a was created for single bloggers. The stylish front camera and an attractive screen are all great, but the main feature, along with the display, is its remarkable autonomy. The phone is really capable of supporting up to a few days without charging, even when it is used during the day.

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