With AS-SGA, the SME JOS DAZ simplifies logistics

With AS-SGA, the SME JOS DAZ simplifies logistics ...

José Daz Garca established his business in 1898 on a street in Cartagenathe, calling itself a "jade" It has been synonymous with enthusiasm for a job well done and has established itself as a benchmark in the sector.

JOSÉ DAZ has offices, exhibitions, cash&carry shops, and logistics facilities in the Cabezo Beaza Industrial Estate in Cartagena.

JOSÉ DAZ is a distributor of the most well-known brands in the HORECA business. It has over 10,000 references of goods in stock for the hospitality industry and belongs to the Crisol Group, a distribution company that provides a comprehensive service to the sector.

JOSÉ DAZ's logistics improvement effort has consisted of incorporating AS-SGA, a software company that has enabled them to work in real time in their logistics facility and in a guided manner in all warehouse processes, while reducing logistics costs significantly.

The new AS-SGA solution manages not only its logistics center for distribution and order preparation, but also its cash&carrylocated in the same industrial estate, so that sales are replenished in it in a guided manner from the logistics center.

AS-SGA manages purchase orders via the company's internal reference or that of the supplier, coordinates product labeling and location to maximize storage space.

Operators with their PDAs are guided through an optimized merchandise collection route, verifying the correct item at each extraction, by reading your barcode. This enables the WMS to reduce costs due to errors and increase customer loyalty.

The possibility of working completely paperless is also available, so that either the warehouse manager can assign queued tasks to the warehouse operators, or they themselves may identify themselves on their PDA with the type of task assigned. and the SGA will indicate the tasks to be performed.

The solution also handles shipping closures, allows you to create packing lists with the contents of each package and integrate the communication of transport agencies.

The WMS is installed in real time in the warehouse and maintains a permanent connection with the company's ERP, Sage 200 in this instance, to ensure that the stocks are synchronized in both systems and are real to make the correct decisions regarding supply and commercial promotions.

Jose Angel Martinez Diazit, the person responsible for the project, describes the system as a critical tool for our business since we deal with a large amount of items and we must manage our chaotic warehouse in real time. Order preparation becomes efficient and corrects a large number of possible human errors.»

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