Horizon Forbidden West: A Modern Prehistory! Machines and dinosaurs

Horizon Forbidden West: A Modern Prehistory! Machines and dinosaurs ...

The second chapter of Aloy's adventure has just blown out the first candle and has been included in the PlayStation Plus Extras and Premiums catalog of games dedicated to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

We also examined the real-life creatures that inspired the designers to create the Forbidden West, which is a vast map teeming with details and rich with diverse biomes.

It's quite easy to get lost in the Forbidden West's splendor, between its wet beaches, which show the signs of a dangerous conflict, which has seen Ted's humanity despise Faro and Elisabet Sobeck.

The Forbidden West's Treasures From February 21st to March 12th, you may enter the PSPlusHorizonForbiddenWest contest on PlayStation Plus and win a prize. Only those who join the contest (reachable via this link) will receive a 120-euro PS Store Gift Card.

Guerrilla Games surpasses its predecessor in every possible way, even when it comes to the alien lifeforms that occupy the area. In fact, the Wavebreaker is one of the most powerful underwater predators in the entire adventure, but it is not less frightening or useless for him: we are talking about the Loch Ness Monster, which he grew up in the Cretaceous.

Due to the powerful leaps he can take to launch himself onto the protagonist, this giant of the sea offers a stunning but dangerous sight.

The Pterosaurs are a group of extinct flying reptiles that spawned the Solcasole, a beast that can absorb large quantities of solar electricity. However, their significance in the experience economy is another.

Horizon Forbidden West's aerial mount, which is likely to play a key role in the Burning Shores sequel, further enhances exploration pleasure and allows you to fully enjoy the Decima Engine's features, from the settings that are large and varied, up to the day/night cycle.

The Archeopteryx, a feathered dinosaur that resembles modern birds, is the prehistoric basis of the Cloudsplitters, capable of quickly fluttering and pounding the enemy with unheard-of force. They are excellent scouts and are capable of identifying even the assailants who have hidden in an attempt to surprise them.

Machines of all kinds inhabit the Forbidden West, with some specimens naturally devoted to combat. Among these is certainly the Tremorzanna, a giant that could not help but remember the Mammoths, the long-dead old elephants.

The Tremorfang was built by Hephaestus to eliminate human hunters at the end of the Pleistocene (some survived until a few thousand years ago) and became the basis of the Guerrilla Games' mechanical beast tusk, which was used by the Regalla rebels as if it were a kind of tank on legs. In short, the fact that it was built by Hephaestus to eliminate human hunters isn't surprising.

The Forbidden West's beast is majestic, powerful, and capable of instilling fear in the bravest.

Aloy has been chosen to combat and encountered several times — and we prefer not to reveal further on the subject — and if faced it proves to be a formidable threat. Its thunderous roars, tails, and plasma homing warhead missiles are just a few of the most terrifying sights on Earth's present and past.

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