You continue to make Netflix a sensation: all of its seasons are in the Top 10

You continue to make Netflix a sensation: all of its seasons are in the Top 10 ...

Netflix releases a slew of series throughout the year in the hope that some of them will be successful and will enliven fans. We can confidently say that You is one of those series.

Joe Goldberg is a stubborn romantic embodied by Penn Badgley in the Netflix series, and he stepped in 2018 to take over the platform's audience.

Every season of You has been rated by Netflix after another, even as Penn Badgley grapples with the vengeance of a murderer like Joe.

Although You does not receive the earnings for Netflix series Like Stranger Things, the amount of interest it enjoys on the platform is undisputed: proof of this are the statistics it showed last week.

You are the number one person on Netflix's Top 10 lists.

The most downloaded English-language series, and not just for the first part of its season 4, has been the most popular on Netflix.

In a different position, all seasons of You have made it into the Netflix Top 10. The original season, for example, is placed in third position, surpassing the premiere series.

With very similar figures, Seasons 3 and 2 hold the last two spots on the list.

Joe Goldberg, a young New York author, is followed through his romances and heartbreaks. This leads to murders and awkward situations.

The following batch of Joe episodes in London will be available on Netflix in March, and you may not be Stranger Things, but it is a certain Netflix phenomenon that will certainly return.

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