Overwatch 2's Hero Designer Teases More Junkrat Nerfs

Overwatch 2's Hero Designer Teases More Junkrat Nerfs ...

According to a recent Reddit post by Blizzard Entertainment's Lead Hero Designer, Junkrat may be in for another nerf.

Junkrat went through a few tweaks from the first game to the sequel, including a redesign and a boost to his Steel Trap ability. However, Junkrat and several other heroes have undergone minor tweaks since the release of Overwatch 2.

Although this minor tweak helped to bring things out, some players believe Junkrat will require additional tweaking. It seems that several developers are on the same page.

Alex Dawson, Blizzard's Lead Hero Designer, has been actively listening to fan feedback on Reddit. In a recent AMA on Season 3 Hero balancing, Dawson addressed specific concerns about Junkrat's gameplay.

Dawson indicated that the team is considering giving Junkrat's grenades a smaller hitbox after falling off a wall, while keeping his gameplay enjoyable.

Dawson was unable to provide a timeline for when the change might be implemented because it involves the input of several teams. However, if the change does eventually make it into the game, it might be a game-changer for players who have to contend with Junkrat on the battlefield.

In the Season 3 Battle Pass, Junkrat also received a new Hong Hai Er skin.

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