Exclusive Preview of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Released by IGN

Exclusive Preview of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Released by IGN ...

IGN, a journalist, worked on Star Wars Jedi: Survivor for five hours, and shared his views in an exclusive preview.

Kal is awaiting a "incredibly cool" boss battle in a hidden cave, a Bedlam Raiders' camp, and a gigantic puzzle room.

Cal discovers treasure chests with various cosmetic items while on his journey around the globe. These valuable skill points are required to separately upgrade the lightsaber, Strength, and more.

Kobo appears to be a massive area, with a handy map to aid you navigate, markers that lead to unexplored areas, maps that point to areas that are not accessible at Cal's current level, and a route you just completed.

IGN lauded the designslevels and opponents, which offer many new opportunities for the force to be used in battle. For example, mini-boss arenas are filled with various items that may be thrown at enemies, opponents may be thrown off a cliff, and some opponents may stick staffs into the ground in an attempt to resist the attraction.

During the game, Kobo is available for many visits. On the planet, you can find something like Cal's home base, various NPCs, vendors, and new adventures.

The IGN journalist spent about an hour on an unnamed planet that Cal visits with Bode. This place is reminiscent of a more traditional linear level with platforming and challenging fights that would be fantastic in Jedi: Fallen Order.

The gaming experience on this planet appeared to be pleasant, intense, and even creepy to the journalist in general — he even had to face off against a wave of B1 droids, some of which were particularly dangerous due to self-destruction.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has a lot more to offer, including new abilities, exciting narrative development, and some truly stunning battles.

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