Genshin Impact's Top 5 Hypercarries

Genshin Impact's Top 5 Hypercarries ...

Hypercarries in Genshin Impact can be characters of many different kinds of elements and weapons, but they have one thing in common: they are the main damage dealers in the team. In other words, this is one of the types of the main damage dealer. With the release of new regions in the game, there are increasing the variability in the assembly of units.

In this article, we will discuss who hypercarries are, how to play them, and how to make a team, as well as highlight the top five most popular characters of this type among players.

Who is hypercarry?

The main damage dealer in Hypercarry is usually played by the entire team, consisting mostly of players. Those items and weapons are chosen that will help to strengthen the main character in the group as much as possible. The main difference between a regular main-DD and a hypercarry is that his allies practically do not contribute their own damage.

Genshin Impact's Top 5 Hypercarries

Hypercarry characters should be strong enough to take on the job alone and do massive damage to the whole team, taking advantage of support bonuses.

Raiden is a very useful character who can inflict enormous damage on opponents during his ult. However, she requires extra help such as Sara C6, Bennet, Kazuha, and others in order to increase her damage from her ult.

Scaramuccia is played as a driver, but he is also good as a hypercarry as he can deal more damage with the support of supports. His passive, Jade Flower, works with the help of other characters, absorbing their energy and providing a useful bonus.

The Wanderer, unlike the same Raiden, is able to stay on the field most of the time since he attacks with both his ult and regular attacks. Faruzan's abilities are aimed at reducing Anemo's damage, making him the number 4 on the list.

Geo-DD, who suffers enormous damage from both his ult and skill, requires a mono-command of his element because it reveals much better than in any others. Goro is also required, which gives Geo a buff as well as the ability to heal on C4.

Itto's choice of a team is much more straightforward than the previous mentioned characters, since even Ning Guang and Geo Traveler are suitable for him, and one of the best weapons for him is the White Shadow crafting sword, which takes the top spot.

Eola is able to close all existing content, even though her physical. damage is minimal due to the predominance of elemental reactions. She is a physicist and deals enormous damage with both normal attacks and her ultimate, but she relies heavily on support to summon Superconductor.

Eola is a straightforward game, with artifacts and weapons, and is easy to manage, but at the same time, to achieve the desired outcome, she requires a lot of investment. For these reasons, it is in second place.

Ayaka is the most powerful character in the group, capable of doing incredible damage with an ult. She has the Cryo element, which opens up more space for experimentation in the team, although the most popular build for her is through Freeze. Strongly requires the team's support, but many characters fit into the squad, including even free ones (for example, Barbara or Kaya).

Ayaka is intuitive to use and robust from the start, and her support will only serve to strengthen her even further and increase her energy for more frequent use of her ult.

How to Make a Hypercarry Squad

All characters must adjust to the hypercarry in order to get the most damage boost, and sometimes they have to sacrifice their own damage due to this. For this reason, such units may consist of one damage dealer and three support players.

Support heroes are excellent: they generate energy, have resonance, and are useful as carriers of strengthening sets (Ceremony of the Ancient Nobility, Fortitude of Millelite, Emerald Shadow, Memories of the Deep Forest, etc.). One of the supports may be given the weapon Favonia, which will allow the hypercarry to ult more often.

Hypercarry systems are also convenient in that they do not require 5 support, and in many situations, 4 characters will be of great benefit.

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