The hordeful idea of a gigantic structure that could accommodate 20 skyscrapers is now up!

The hordeful idea of a gigantic structure that could accommodate 20 skyscrapers is now up! ...

News JVTech The crazed construction of a massive structure with 20 skyscrapers is underway!

Published on 02/22/2023 at 07:35

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If you dive your nose a little into the world of video games, you'll sure know these dystopian cities. Well can you imagine that Saudi Arabia wants to go further into fantasy with a very special city...

Murabba's New City: A City That Was Created From The Ground Up

Saudi Arabia is aiming to be a leading powerhouse of the future. Every day, many Saudi millionaires and billionaires invest in promising companies across the world, whether in the innovation sector or technology in general.

Every day, the world is able to surprise us with uniqueness just like each other. According to Saudi authorities and press releases, this project might be completed by the year 2030.

We are promised a huge living area with a shopping center, restaurant areas, and... natural areas, as straight out of an 80s science fiction film. You can see flying cars, plants, and even animals that appear from another world.

Saudi Arabia rely on holographic projection technologies to maintain a striking natural setting.

Saudi Arabia has once again surprised the world with this project, and intends to construct this "district" in Riyadh with the aim of establishing the world's most ambitious project right in Saudi Arabia's center.

Crown Prince Mohammed Ben Salmane wants to build the most impressive city center in the world, dedicated above all to the rich people of the country. He envisions high quality services as well as offices for the most powerful corporations in the country.

In the game Cyberpunk 2077, we can salute the Saudi prince's ambitious side, but this kind of project seems to be straight out of a dystopia. The project appears to be excessively ambitious, but on the practical operation it risks to make the technicians disillusioned.

During the video, plants, trees, and objects of nature can be seen everywhere. In fact, to keep all of this alive, it will be necessary to have a financial level.

Saudi Arabia is on the verge of a very fruitful project.

However, even if the prince declares New Murabba as a long-term project, we must first consider the worst for this kind of infrastructure. The government wants to make this project quickly profitable by 2030, particularly in the hotels, museums, and other tourist industries.

This should be seen more broadly as Saudi Arabia's attempt to entice other major economic powers to follow the country's ambitions. Indeed, such a proposal will attract foreign investors like flies, a boon for the Saudi prince.

By 2030, the New Murraba project should see the light of day.

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