Solution for today, February 22: Spanish wordle, tildes, and scientist

Solution for today, February 22: Spanish wordle, tildes, and scientist ...

More Wordle challenges are now available. We offer you the usual answers, as well as the scientific one, and we provide you with certain clues so that you may overcome them without having to look at our solution.

And once again we aid you in solving each of the puzzle games' hidden words. Wordlefirst is giving you clues so you may participate, and finally the answer to each one.

The structure is the same as always, we will explain exactly how each of the Wordle espaol puzzles differ but are not the same, we offer you four clues that we believe are sufficient to solve the words.

Every time you try a new word, you must come up with the correct answer in Spanish Wordle.


Video game characters are often overlooked. However, who are you?

Today's solution is a Spanish wordle, accents, and scientist.

Both the usual challenge and the scientific challenge are covered in this guide. You'll find solutions to all of the hidden words of Wordle in Spanish.

First, we'll explain how to play:

If the letter has a green background, it means that the letter has not correctly entered the word correctly; if the background is gray, it means that the letter does not exist within the solution.

There are hints.

Take someone's eyes off She has two vowels. Start with C.


If you do not want to know what the term is, you will soon have a clue to the normal challenge. It will be shown in the next paragraph.

We have issued a warning to you, and the answer to the standard Spanish difficulty is:


How to Play:

The word solution may be of five to seven letters. Within the word solution there is a letter that has a tilde Vowels with tilde are independent of the usual ones.


Composition that is sung or created intentionally in order to be performed to music. The O is accented.


The answer to Wordle with tildes will be presented shortly, and it will be available to you in the next paragraph.

The answer to this problem of accents, as previously discussed, is the following:


We first teach you how to play:

The same procedure as above The solution word is between three and seven letters The solution word is related to science.


The upper jaw is composed of two bones, which have three vowels. It begins with an M and ends with an X.


Wordle's scientific Spanish solution will be presented in the next paragraph, so you are already warned.

Just below this line, there is a solution.

JAW is a digital artist.

From February 22, 2023, you will have the solution to Wordle in Spanish both in normal mode, tildes mode, and scientific mode. Tomorrow, you will have them.

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