Tesla has changed its mind about using 4680-type battery cells in Germany

Tesla has changed its mind about using 4680-type battery cells in Germany ...

Tesla initially contemplated the possibility of producing lithium batteries of the 4680 type in the vicinity of Berlin, but there have been issues with scaling them up, and now the company will focus on their US release.

Tesla is set to build a battery manufacturing facility in Grünheide and is planning to begin manufacturing battery components in the United States, according to Reuters this week. The country's tax incentives make it more attractive to businesses.

Tesla will fabricate lithium battery cells in Germany, but it will prefer to fabricate the cells on their own basis in the United States. Last year, Elon Musk expressed hopes that the company in Germany would begin manufacturing of battery cells by the end of 2023, but this has failed.

Tesla enterprises in Texas and California should develop 4680-type battery cells, and at the end of January the company announced its intention to invest $3.6 billion in the establishment of a production facility in Nevada, where the production of the same batteries will be launched at the new enterprise. By the end of December, the facility was producing 868,000 4680-type battery cells a week, enough to power 1,000 Model Y crossovers.

Local subsidies and the so-called "Inflation Reduction Act" make Tesla's battery manufacturing in the United States profitable, subject to a certain localization of their components.

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