The Minecraft Mega Man X DLC has been released from nowhere

The Minecraft Mega Man X DLC has been released from nowhere ...

Mojang Studios and Capcom have released Minecraft x Mega Man X DLC, which is now available for purchase. Among other things, it includes 14 "classic skins" from Mega Man X, nine weapons to defeat Sigma's many Mavericks, and the original soundtrack.

"Sigma and his mavericks are back, and they're serious business!" In this official Mega Man world inspired by the Capcom original, you'll be able to play your way through iconic levels and defeat epic bosses, while still wearing the classic Mega Man skins.

What makes this DLC announcement so unique is that the Mega Man X franchise has been on hold for years, much less in 2018. Back in 2018, Capcom released the Mega Man X Legacy Collection, which included the eight mainline entries in the franchise across two volumes, but there hasn't been a brand new entry in the franchise since Mega Man X8 on PlayStation 2, unless you count recent mobile spinoff Mega Man X DiVE, which is a quality experience but basically its own beast.

In other words, this random Mega Man X9 content we've ever seen in years, which is somewhat horrifying. This is indeed the beginning of a new sub-franchise, as shown in past leaks.

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