Everything You Should Know About Mama June's Six Beautiful Grandchildren

Everything You Should Know About Mama June's Six Beautiful Grandchildren ...

  • Mama June has four kids and six grandchildren
  • Two of her daughters have welcomed children
  • One of her daughters, Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’, also has custody of Mama June’s youngest daughter, Alana

Mama June: The Road to Redemption Mama June Shannon and her husband of one year, Justin Shroud, were joined by all four of her daughters at the start of the ceremony on February 18, 2023. Her grandchildren include: Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson, Lauryn "Pumpkin" Efird, Jessica "Chubbs" Shannon, and Anna "Chickadee" Cardwell, who was previously estranged.


Anna Cardwell, June's youngest daughter, gave June her first two grandchildren. She was previously separated from her mother due to Mark McDaniel, her previous boyfriend, who reportedly molested her at the age of eight.

Anna gave birth to her first child as a teenager in 2012. Her father is unknown. Kaitlyn Elizabeth is a smart and intelligent little girl who is very well-known for her.

Kylee Madison is a junior in the University of Iowa.

Anna was married to Michael Cardwell from 2014 to 2017. During their marriage, they had one daughter, Kylee Madison, who was born in 2015. According to her mother, Kylee is a multi-faceted personality and can enthuse you by doing the silly things. "She gets her sweetness from me but mama hope you have a great day at school and have a great day."

Kylee appears to be the average first-grader who loves to have fun, as shown in the above photos, doing face masks with her mama, and making silly faces.

Ella Grace is a well-known actress.

Lauryn "Pumpkin," Efird is Mama June's third oldest daughter and has given birth to four of Mama June's youngest grandchildren. In December 2017, Lauryn gave birth to her first child, daughter Ella Grace, with Joshua Efird. The couple married in a Las Vegas ceremony in 2018.

Ella Grace seems to always smile and likes to wear pink, as shown in Laureny's Instagram page in July 2022. She seems to be a fan of Harry Potter, as she smiled wide next to The Hogwarts Express during a family trip to Universal Studios.

Lauryn described Ella as her mother's pride and joy in a Dec. 8, 2022 birthday post. "You'll never comprehend how much you've sacrificed for mommy and daddy," the reality star said. "You'll never understand how much you've sacrificed for your mother."

Bentley Jameson is a British footballer.

Bentley Jameson (here's his big sister in the above photo) was born in July 2021. Lauryn revealed that conceiving Bentley was a surprise at the time of her pregnancy announcement in Aril 2021. 'It's taken me that long to get pregnant.'

Bentley passed away at the age of 2-3 centimeters with severe contractions in July, 2021. "Our baby boy has finally made his debut," Lauryn wrote in her Instagram post. "Everyone meets Bentley Jameson Efird, who weighs 7 pounds and 10 ounces."

Stella Renae and Sylus Ray

Due to Mama June's addiction to alcohol, she did not announce the birth of her twins, Sylus Ray and StellaRenae, until a month after they were born. She gave birth to her twins on May 19, 2022, just weeks before she was granted full custody of her sister, Alana, due to her addiction to alcohol.

“The family is very content. It's been a challenging experience trying to raise three children under one year old and just five children in general,” said the new mother on June 20.

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