How to Use Medusa Painting in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Use Medusa Painting in Hogwarts Legacy ...

In the various secret rooms and Easter Eggs throughout Hogwarts, you may discover items and interact with magical objects. In particular, one of the numerous doors with animal symbols conceals a mystery piece of art that is certain to enrage the casual observer. This article will explain where to obtain the Medusa artwork once you have obtained it.

Where to Find Medusa Painting in Hogwarts Legacy

In a hidden room near the Floo Flame in the Bell Tower courtyard, the Medusa picture can be seen entering a door adjacent to the Floo Flame, and turn right at the bottom of the stairs to discover the entrance with an animal symbol.

To equal 22 words, the first icon has to be changed to this monster. According to the door mathematics

Change the unicorn symbol immediately after the second puzzle on the door to a unicorn.

The entrance to the Medusa picture will be unlocked and ready to be entered.

What to Do With the Medusa Painting in Hogwarts Legacy

The Medusa artwork is simply an Easter egg that, when activated, causes your character to be turned to stone by an unidentified magical force. After using Revelio, the player will be able to obtain the Gorgon Portrait Field Guide Page, which explains the piece's history.

If the button isn't pressed in time, Petrificus Totalus will drop to the ground.

The Endurus elixir may also be used to calm the user's rough skin, or you may make it yourself in the Room of Requirement.

There appears to be nothing further to do with the portrait other than casting the spell with the magical stone. Perhaps a riddle will be included in a future release.

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