How to Heal an Atomic Heart

How to Heal an Atomic Heart ...

In Atomic Heart, a game set in a different 1950s Soviet Union, you'll have a fighting chance against the robots since you'll have access to a wide variety of weaponry, psychic abilities, and self-healing abilities. The latter becomes more vital as the numbers start to rise. See this video for help recovering in Atomic Heart.

How to Use Neuromeds in Atomic Hearts

Pushing Down on the D-Pad in Atomic Heart will heal you. You'll require Neuromeds in your supply to recover fully.

Neuromeds, short for "neuromedics," are a type of consumable health item that may be purchased in the game world or created using specific ingredients. They are available in miniature, standard, and jumbo quantities, as each one will require its own shelf in your inventory.

Atomic Heart contains several other passive advantages that enhance your health and the speed at which you recover lost health.

The Polymeric Shield is now available.

The Polymeric Shield, which can be obtained by simply playing the story, may be used in an emergency situation. With 28 Neuroploymer, you may get this powerful shield that works against both close and long range assaults.

The Med Unit Feedback, acquired with the 124 Neuroploymer, is a new feature of the Polymeric Shield that can heal you for a portion of the damage you sustain.

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