How to Get Beast Feeder in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Get Beast Feeder in Hogwarts Legacy ...

The benefit of this article is that you may acquire a Beast Feeder in Hogwarts' Legacy.

Beast Feeder Location in Hogwarts Legacy

Before you may obtain the Beast Feeder, you'll need to have the Beasts class unlocked and the missions The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and The Loom completed. The Beast Feeder may be purchased for 1,200 gallons of gold at Hogsmeade's Tomes and Scrolls.

Selling cosmetics or monsters, opening treasure chests, and fulfilling optional quests are all excellent ways to increase your cash flow. You may also attempt the Money Glitch with chests or Puffskeins, which is a much quicker technique.

The Beast Petting Brush ability will continue to help them and keep their grooming heart metre full when you transport the item to the Vivarium due to financial constraints.

The Beast Feeder is available for 500 galleons, which allows your beasts to play with real toys. If you want to breed a Thestral for Deek's Foal of the Dead task, you'll need a Breeding Pen.

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