Another EMPRESS hacker got in a row with FitGirl

Another EMPRESS hacker got in a row with FitGirl ...

After a series of reposts on her shady posts on Reddit and other platforms, she announced that she would transfer her cash from Reddit (where she was banned again) to Lemmy, which she later claimed was Russian. This is why she is "totally protected" from people (probably from Reddit) who block her accounts for her "pirate scenes."

The gaming community is more interested in her efforts against Denuvo, as shown in her last posts on Reddit before her ban.

EMPRESS allows itself to sway in the direction of the well-known "repacks" FitGirl author, accusing him of undeservedly dragging attention on himself, "begging," appropriates the advantages of EMPRESS as a hacker, and in general (oh my God!) pretends to be a girl, a "cowardly and miserable guy."

All of this is fun and educational, but the Empress's promise of a 10-day victory over Hogwarts Legacy did not wait for the pirates. She appears to prioritize squabbles, egocentrism, and scandals. Let's wish the women good luck in their hard work.

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