South Korea aspires to establish the first 6G network by 2028

South Korea aspires to establish the first 6G network by 2028 ...

South Korea announced on Monday that it would begin its own sixth-generation mobile network in 2028 — two years earlier than expected — as part of a project called "K-Network 2030."

Gleichzeitig, the government of the country will encourage local enterprises to develop equipment, spare parts, and materials for the 6G technology. A universal open radio access network will also be developed, enabling mobile operators and enterprises to provide more flexible services.

South Korea is currently undergoing a feasibility study for a 6G core technology research and development project. The project will cost 625.3 billion won (approximately $482 million).

The Ministry of Science and ICT claims that the initiative will assist the country in ensuring "the early dominance of future wireless frequencies" and maintain its position in the global market for future network infrastructure.

According to an IPlytics study, while US and European companies have dominated 4G technology development, South Korean companies have taken the lead in 5G development. In addition, South Korea accounted for 25.9% of 5G patents last year — the country hopes to achieve 30% or more in 6G patent competition.

India intends to establish a 6G network by the end of the decade. Earlier, the country announced the formation of a specialized working group.

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