Like a Dragon Ishin: An action-packed teaser sets the tone for today's release

Like a Dragon Ishin: An action-packed teaser sets the tone for today's release ...

Like a Dragon: Ishin is now available on consoles and PC. Sega has provided the obligatory launch trailer just in time for the release, which is intended to whet your appetite for more action-packed moments.

"Like a Dragon: Ishin" has now been officially released on the various platforms.

Sega and the designers at Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios today released the official launch trailer for Like a Dragon: Ishin, which includes a number of series veterans.

Aside from the cutscenes and the countless fights, there are also impressions, which suggest that things will get quite bloody this time.

A dark plot is discovered.

"Like a Dragon: Ishin" takes you to Kyoto, a Japanese city, where you meet Sakamoto Ryoma, who wants to avenge his master's death while clearing his name. However, it quickly becomes clear that organized crime is raging.

Sakamoto Ryoma joins the "Shinsengumi" special forces to track down the killer, discovering quickly that Kyoto is being roiled by unrest emanating from the city's criminal underworld. There are many optional activities that you may choose to do during the night apart from the excitingly staged plot.

The remaster of "Like a Dragon: Ishin" has not only been completely overhauled, but also new characters that have been established from the previous "Yakuza" games.

This isn't a problem if "Ishin" is your first "Yakuza" or "Like a Dragon" adventure. It is a self-contained narrative that requires no prior knowledge.

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Ishin is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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