Call of Duty is Coming Back to Nintendo Consoles, as per a Deal Signed!

Call of Duty is Coming Back to Nintendo Consoles, as per a Deal Signed! ...

At the end of last year, Xbox boss Phil Spencer announced that Nintendo would create a deal with the Call-of-Duty-Reihe games in the future also again on the Nintendo platforms will appear. The prerequisite for this is, obviously, the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, which most recently was mostly in the EU.

Details have been clarified, and the contract has been approved.

Microsoft President Brad Smith has resigned via Twitter to announce that the Xbox company has completed the deal with Nintendo signed the hat. All Call of Duty titles should be available at the same time as the Xbox launch. This should allow all gamers of Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo to gamble together.

PC game enthusiasts are also enjoying the service.

Season 2 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a total joke!

Season 2 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is now available! The update itself is a joke!

Update 2.3 of Tower of Fantasy: Celebrate your anniversary now and receive cool goodies!

Tower of Fantasy, an F2P online role-playing game that is now available on PC and mobile devices, is commemorating its 25th anniversary today, shortly after the release of update 2.3.

Is Call of Duty only for the Switch successor?

It's hard to imagine that future Call of Duty titles will be still available on the Nintendo Switch. The performance that the successful handheld console is likely to cause some problems here. Therefore, there is a possibility that those responsible already have a Switch successor in mind that we might see in stores in 2024.

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By the way, the day of the announcement is no accident. Microsoft must present evidence today before the European Commission. The EU would like to make a decision on the subject in April.

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