Who noticed? In The Last of Us, this flaw was overlooked

Who noticed? In The Last of Us, this flaw was overlooked ...

Ideally, a series or big-budget film will create the illusion of enthralling viewers. However, mistakes do happen in the final version and thus onto the Internet, such as in Gladiator (2000). Or, in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002), where you could clearly see that the wizard's apprentice was not a magic device.

The Last of Us Errors: Who are these people?

In one scene, two of the main character's fingers, which were actually amputated, were only covered with green "preventatives," which in retrospect were not retouched.

The Last of Us' sixth episode includes a short clip of the film crew, which she hides in a wide shot 12 minutes and 37 seconds only half-heartedly under a tree. The Mandalorian's Colleagues are thus visible on the lower left edge of the screen.

What happens to the glitch in The Last of Us?

Such oversights can be corrected fairly easily nowadays, at least when it comes to streaming. In this case, the source file would be revised and replaced accordingly. Even in the cinema, you can't just replace film files with nothing, nothing for you. Individual copies are specially designed for the cinemas, and can't be downloaded as often as you like.

PC gamers are also a fan.

The Last of Us is already available on HBO today.

Is the long-running drama surrounding The Last of Us coming to an end? The fan ratings for Episode 6 speak for themselves.

The Last of Us' seventh episode (buy now) is released on Sky and via Wow on Monday, February 27, 2023, with a small error, which as a side note in the first season The Last of Us.

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