Avatar 2 has only two scenes without CGI, so would you be able to guess them?

Avatar 2 has only two scenes without CGI, so would you be able to guess them? ...

Avatar: The Water Sense is breaking new records at the box office. It is that everyone was eagerly anticipating this stunning sequel following James Cameron's directorial debut, which has since aired for over ten years.

A film with these characteristics includes a lot of scenes shot with special effects to make sense of the world that James Cameron imagined.

Avatar: The Sense of Water is a film brimming with visual effects, but there are two scenes that do not have CGI, and one of them will surprise you.

In an interview with Metro, Eric Saindona, he explains that the two scenes that do not have CGI are a close-up view of a human character's eye and the other is an underwater view of the ocean floor.


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In the aforementioned interview, the artist revealed a one of Spider's eyeball [Jack Champion], and a one from the bottom of the ocean with some waves at the bottom of the water.

A film that is almost entirely replete with visual effects

Despite the artist's assertion, all other scenes in the film were created or altered by the visual effects team.

Several scenes are live-action, and many of the characters have CG, but in all others, the visual effects were altered.

This demonstrates the enorme budget Avatar 2 has had, wherein nearly every scene, except for these two, has had special effects, which aren't exactly cheap.

Special documentary films will be released when Avatar 2 is released on streaming platforms, revealing further information.

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