Bungie: A cheater must pay $ 4.3 million

Bungie: A cheater must pay $ 4.3 million ...

Bungie, the seller of Destiny 2 cheats, has to pay $4.3 million in damages.

Bungie has asked another cheating company to perform a check out. Already in 2021, Bungie sued the Aimjunkies site and its parent company Phoenix Digital.

Bungie was unable to explain why the cheat software should constitute an unauthorized copy of Destiny 2 in part in Seattle federal court last year.

However, the case was moved to arbitration due to claims of violation of the DMCA's anti-circumvention provisions. Bungie argued that James May, the third-party developer who was exposed and banned several times, had violated technical protection measures.

May wasn't a member of Aimjunkies, but she was reverse engineered to create scam software.

Bungie has been awarded $4,296,222 by the arbitral tribunal.

The developer has referred the arbitration panel's decision to federal court, and has issued an injunction against Aimjunkies, preventing the provider from doing similar work.

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