Samsung is unable to get the S-Pen into the Galaxy Z Fold5 because of the issue

Samsung is unable to get the S-Pen into the Galaxy Z Fold5 because of the issue ...

As you may know, the Galaxy Note family of smartphones was special because it had the S-Pen. However, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is special because it is the focal point between the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Note, and for that very reason, it also has the S-Pen!

Übrigens, Samsung's current Fold supports the S-Pen! However, they still haven't enough room to store it in the S23 Ultra or the older Galaxy Note.

This is crucial for Samsung's largest foldable, and it's something consumers want to see very soon. However, it appears that this is something that will not be seen in the Galaxy Z Fold5 yet. Do you know why?

So, after the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Fold4 introduced software support for the S-Pen and provided storage boxes, one might anticipate a redesign of the new Galaxy Z Fold5, so that the S-Pen no longer becomes a peripheral component of the mobile phone/tablet capable of folding in half.

Samsung's Galaxy S22 Ultra and S23 Ultra were quite straightforward to get rid of, but doing the same with the Fold's folding design is proving to be an unexpected challenge for the South Korean manufacturer. This is because, as already mentioned, the S-Pen would be necessary to thicken the device.

Samsung is reportedly working on a thinner S-Pen that wouldn't impede its functionality. However, it is possible, and even likely, that it will not be ready until the close of the folding design and its subsequent mass production.

Here again, we have the design dilemma: VS smartphone functionality. With Samsung giving more weight to design and ergonomics of use, and less to the addition of something as vital as the stylus, this is the reason why the manufacturer's Fold has only a 4400mAH battery.

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