What Has Happened to Jill Evans from Stolen Hearts?

What Has Happened to Jill Evans from Stolen Hearts? ...

Dean Jenkins became a part of Jill Evans' desire to find the guy she desires on an online dating site. Despite the fact that she fell hard for him, Jill Evans never realized that she would end her career in law enforcement for the better. The episode 'Stolen Hearts' chronicles how Dean was arrested for armed robbery in 2006 and his girlfriend's supervisors believed she knew more than she disclosed.

Jill Evans, who is she?

Jill Evans was a long-time employee of the Dyfed-Powys police department. People who know her describe her as a kind person who always listens to their requests. Moreover, most of her co-workers mentioned her dedication to the police force.

Dean initially identified himself as a toiletry businessman who was well-known in his own right. He invited Jill to his premises and even offered her a tour of his offices and factory. Later, she mentioned that she got a taste of the high life when she met Dean at expensive restaurants and partyed at luxurious establishments.

Jill's life changed drastically in November 2006. While waiting at home, Jill turned on the television and noticed a news flash about a robber who was discovered after the cops shot his accomplice down. Later that afternoon, Dean's sister called and said her brother was arrested for robbery.

Jill's supervisors believed she had not told them the truth about Dean's activities, and she even questioned her loyalty to the police force in 2008.

What happened to Jill Evans today?

Jill Evans was a mother of two and sixteen months pregnant at the time of Dean's arrest. She was shocked by the news, and she had to contend with her whole family, including her parents. She claimed she was still not on a good footing after the ordeal. Yet, Dean has failed to respond to her concerns to this day.

Jill was forced to quit her job at the Dyfed-Powys police station in 2008, and she had no clue what she should do with her life. She published her own book in April 2020, entitled 'Two Cops And A Robber.'

Jill is the current Deputy Mayor of Haverfordwest, and she is expected to take the position in April 2023. The couple has had a great time with their little boy, Frankie. It's inspiring to witness her struggle against her dark past. We wish her the best in the future.

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