Is Ines and Dom still friends?

Is Ines and Dom still friends? ...

Fans around the world have been able to see their favorite reality TV stars try to get along better. However, some people end up missing out on fantastic opportunities due to a variety of reasons. We are here to help you with your own journey!

The Perfect Match Journey of Ines and Dom

Both Ines and Dom were the first contestants to enter the house that housed the participants in the program at the start of the experiment. Although their romantic lives did not match, they were able to maintain a good friendship. When Francesca Farago, who had been Dom's partner since the very first day, decided to pursue a relationship with Damian Powers, the connection between them blossomed.

Dom declared that he would leave Francesca and Damian, alarming almost everyone else who cared for him. Ines immediately asked the star of 'The Mole' if she could talk to him, urging him to keep on moving forward.

Ines confessed to Dom after a disastrous date with William "Will" Richardson. Seeing how her pal was quick to console and support her, a cast member of 'The Circle France' could not help but wonder if she should have taken her chance with Dom the night she and Francesca separated.

Will told the housemates that he had set up Dom on a blind date, but Georgia agreed that she would not pursue anything because to the close friendship that Dom had with her.

Kariselle was firm in her belief that Ines should not be held back from doing what she desires. This encouraged her to approach Dom about how she loved him, even though she wasn't sure if it was romantic or not. He was quick to explain everything to Georgia, who was equally surprised by the situations around her.

Ines and Dom are still friends?

Although Georgia felt compelled by Ines' actions, the star of 'The Circle France' was quick to express her side and emphasize that she never intended to sabotage her friendship with Dom on social media.

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