Is Sylvia Hermann a real person? Where is she today?

Is Sylvia Hermann a real person? Where is she today? ...

'Operation Finale' follows the true story of Adolf Eichmann, one of the men who participated in the preparation and execution of the Holocaust, which claimed the lives of more than six million people, who is now being tried in Israel.

A father and daughter also play a significant role in bringing Eichmann to justice. Sylvia is a daughter who takes a risk in the mission. Here's all you need to know about her.

Is Sylvia Hermann a Real Person?

Sylvia Hermann's part in 'Operation Finale' is based on her real-life counterpart. She was half-Jewish but was totally unaware of it. Her father, Lothar Hermann, was sentenced to death by the Gestapo in 1938. His injuries later resulted in him losing vision in one eye.

Sylvia visited Klaus Eichmann, an SS officer in 1956, and he began talking about his anti-Semitic beliefs and how his father served as an SS officer during the Second World War. Lothar was suspicious that Klaus' father might be Adolf Eichmann, who was infamous.

Mossad reportedly didn't act on the information as quickly as shown in the film. When Sylvia found an article about Adolf Eichmann, the Hermanns were required to prove that the person they had discovered was Eichmann.

Sylvia walked up to the house and saw Klaus' mother, followed by a man who was confirmed to be his father. She asked if he was "Herr Eichmann," but he didn't claim it. The Mossad apparently took the time to send a team for extraction.

What Has Happened to Sylvia Hermann?

Sylvia Hermann, who was born in 1942, is now in her 80s. Despite their contributions to the discovery of Adolf Eichmann, she and her father didn't get much recognition for it until 1971 when the government refused to pay the reward.

Sylvia was sent to America by her father in the days following Eichmann's capture in 1974, although she has not publicly disclosed her involvement in Operation Finale.

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