Hanna Elian, is she based on a real doctor? Where is she now?

Hanna Elian, is she based on a real doctor? Where is she now? ...

'Operation Finale,' a historical espionage drama set during the Second World War, chronicles the identification and capture of Adolf Eichmann, also known as the Architect of the Holocaust, as well as the plot to smuggle him out of Argentina and bring him to Israel to stand trial for his crimes against humanity.

Dr. Hanna Elian comes in because she believes that she is a genuine person and what transpired after the mission.

Is Hanna Elian based on a real person?

Hanna Elian's role in 'Operation Finale' is based on a real doctor who was tasked with keeping Adolf Eichmann sedated while he was in Argentina. In real life, the doctor was a man named Yonah Elian.

Elian stayed in the shadows despite his efforts, both professionally and emotionally. Unlike in the film, the mission ended quite well. Even though Eichmann's supporters, including his son, were looking for him, they never caught up with the Mossad agents.

Elian's participation in another of Mossad's missions was also revealed later. A reference to Mossad's first major operation in 1954, where a team was sent to capture and bring back an army officer who was allegedly attempting to sell Israel's military secrets to Egypt.

Hanna explains that she was forced to administer more medications than was safe, owing to "the atmospheric conditions on the old Israeli military aircraft," which "affected the captive's reaction to the sedative, leading to his death."

Elian's life was probably weighed heavily on him as he refused to accept his role in the mission to bring back Eichmann. He believed that he had broken his Hippocratic oath and intentionally harm a patient. He never publicly expressed his opinion about Operation Finale.

What Happened to Yonah Elian's Death?

Yonah Elian died by suicide at the age of 88 in 2011. He is cremated near the Sea of Galilee. Danny, his son, revealed his father's role in the Mossad attack. The needle was donated to Danny by his father, who is also a doctor.

Danny revealed that his father was so adamant about refusing to receive any recognition for Operation Finale that he refused to accept the Israeli government's award in 2007. Despite his family members' efforts, Elian managed to change the name to Dr. Alef.

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