Russell Neal: Where is she now? The murder of Catherine Brasilia Martinez

Russell Neal: Where is she now? The murder of Catherine Brasilia Martinez ...

'Death by Fame: The Killing Game' by Investigation Discovery chronicles the brutal killing of Catherine "Brasilia" Martinez, a 24-year-old mother of two, in Houston, Texas, in July 2014. Due to legalities, the police had no difficulty in detaining the alleged perpetrator, but they are still awaiting prosecution.

Catherine "Brasilia" Martinez, 25, died in the following ways:

Catherine "Brasilia" Martinez was born on January 15, 1990 in Chicago. She was a fitness model and keen boxer who had a wide following on YouTube and Instagram. In her professional profiles, she went by the name Brasilia Martinez.

Catherine, 24, lived with Russell Neal, then 39, at the Cedar Creek complex in southwest Houston, Texas, until they split up. They had two boys, Raphael, then 3, and Diego, then 5. Her neighbors described her as kindhearted and supportive.

Quincy Toler, a neighbor, said, "She never said too much," but you can tell she loved her kids. She kept them clean, they looked good, and kept them nice." Police said the aspiring boxer suffered multiple stab wounds and blunt force trauma.

Catherine "Brasilia" Martinez was murdered in 2010.Who was responsible?

Russell entered a Harris County Sheriff's Department building on July 2, 2014, calmly indicating that his wife needed medical attention. He lied but refused to speak up again, calling up and requesting legal counsel. The authorities went into the couple's southwest Houston residence to discover Catherine's dead body.

Russell was a member of the Hi-Five R&B quintet based in Waco, Texas, in the 1990s. He had two platinum-selling albums, including "I Like the Way" ('The Kissing Game'), which topped the charts in 1991. Catherine's family accused Russell of being an abusive man who charged her $40 to babysit his own children.

Catherine's mother, Figueroa, said tearfully, "He was a jerk throughout the whole process," and she kept telling my daughter, "Leave it alone." Russell was accused in the murder of Catherine on July 2nd, according to reports, the family had spent the last weekend with the fitness model in Killeen.

Catherine's sister, Glenda Lewis, lamented, "They (the police) just keep saying she might have been dead for days." Another person named Wayne Head posted photos of the incident on his Facebook page.

“I was working when the cops pulled up.” She said, “He wasn’t resisting arrest or fighting with them or saying anything.” When the cops brought him out in handcuffs, he was just as calm as can be. They just put him in a police car.”

Russell refused to provide any information about the perpetrator's motive, but his neighbors suggested, "Apparently a guilty conscience, a guilty conscience, a crime of passion." You just never know. I think he just lost it.

What happened to Russell Neal?

Russell was accused of murdering his partner on a $100,000 bond while awaiting trial. However, US Marshal's Service deputies arrested him in May 2015 from Waco on charges that he failed to appear for a court date. According to sources, he was arrested and charged with murder.

With the court time not passed yet, the officers talked with him and left, claiming he was "Jesus Christ." According to the show, the prosecution was content that Russell was "playing crazy" to avoid his murder trial.

Russell, now in his late-40s, has been placed in a mental institution at Rusk State Hospital in Texas after several competency trials. Nevertheless, the prosecution claims that he was completely self-aware when he fatally attacked his wife in 2014.

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