What Has Happened to Jeanne and Rene Laudenberg?

What Has Happened to Jeanne and Rene Laudenberg? ...

Jeanne Laudenberg was unaware that his shocking confession would be forever repercussions on her life for the next three decades. Renée Laudenberg was left with no choice but to contact the cops after her son's confession.

Jeanne and Renée Laudenberg: Who Are They?

Jeanne was a college student when she met and fell in love with California native Steve Laudenberg. That summer, the couple decided to move in together and she traveled to San Luis Obispo to look for apartments. Adolph Laudenberg is a gentle and supportive man, but things became problematic when he allegedly began to despise her.

Adolph suddenly revealed to Jeanne that he had murdered four middle-aged women, three in Los Angeles and one in San Francisco. Terrified and worried, Jeanne shared everything with Steve, and the concerned couple approached the cops. Surprisingly, Adolph denied everything once they interrogated him.

Jeanne reportedly got married and moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for almost three decades before she was confronted by the authorities in 2002, when another person claimed the same. It was Renée Laudenberg, Adolph's former wife, who confessed to the cops several times in the 1970s, elaborately stating how he had raped and murdered four people.

Adolph was temporarily living with Renée and his grandchildren at their house at the time of his confession. The cops alerted Jeanne, who repeated what she had reported twenty-eight years ago, and even shared her date book from 1975, in which she had discreetly noted Adolph's confession.

After extensive research, the detectives reopened some cold cases from the 1970s, including the homicide investigations for the deaths of Lois Petrie, Catherine Medina, Anna Felch, and Leah Griffin. All four had been raped and murdered identically, and the authorities believed they were Adolph's victims; yet Renée refused to respond, and no confession was made.

They sifted through a donut shop in Torrance, California, where an undercover investigator conversed with him and collected DNA samples. As expected, Adolph's DNA was compatible with Lois', and he was soon charged with first-degree murder.

What Are the Current Positions of Jeanne and Renée Laudenberg?

Adolph refused to state that he had murdered the four people interviewed during his trial, yet both Jeanne and Renée testified in court against him during his trial. Adolph was sentenced to life in prison for Lois Petrie's murder in November 2006, and his former daughters-in-law were shocked that he had been convicted. He died on June 26, 2015.

Jeanne and Renée embraced privacy and continued to live their respective lives after Adolph's death. According to rumors, Renée remarried and is now known as Renée Elize Gettler. In her 60s, she seems to live in San Pedro, California, surrounded by her children and grandkids.

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