Where is the filming of the Nate and Jeremiah home project?

Where is the filming of the Nate and Jeremiah home project? ...

'The Nate & Jeremiah Home Project' is a home improvement series hosted by HGTV. They offer a fresh start to their families as they move.

Nate and Jeremiah renovate their client's house and transform it into a dream home so they may begin the next phase of their life happily with their family. The houses at different locations make one wonder where the film 'The Nate & Jeremiah Home Project' was shot!

Locations for the Nate and Jeremiah Home Project Filming

'The Nate & Jeremiah Home Project' is shot in New York, particularly in New York City and Long Island. The first iteration of the renovation show reportedly concluded in June 2021. The main photography of the sophomore round apparently began in April 2022 and finished by December of the same year!

New York City, New York City

'The Nate & Jeremiah Home Project' is framed in and around New York City, the country's most populated city. Greenwich Village is one of the main production locations for the design docuseries in the region.

Long Island, New York

The Nate & Jeremiah Home Project's filming facility is located in Long Island, New York State, the most populous island in the country and the 18th most populous in the world. For instance, the villages of Floral Park, Farmingdale, and East Rockaway appear in several scenes from the program.

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