Explained: Will Spencer and Alexandra Have a Baby in 1923?

Explained: Will Spencer and Alexandra Have a Baby in 1923? ...

'1923,' the third installment in the 'Yellowstone' universe, follows Jacob Dutton (Harrison Ford) and Cara Dutton (Helen Mirren) as they lead the Yellowstone Ranch against several external threats. However, viewers wonder whether or not they will have a child in '1923,' and here's all you need to know about the couple's baby.

Spencer and Alexandra: What Happened to them?

Spencer Dutton is the youngest son of James Dutton (Tim McGraw) and Margaret Dutton (Faith Hill). He is the younger brother of John Dutton and Elsa Dutton, the latter of whom serves as the narrator of '1923.' As a result, Spencer avoids returning home to Yellowstone Ranch. Instead, he works as a hunter in Africa.

Alexandra encourages Spencer to flirt with him at a bar. The former's bravado enrages Alexandra's adventure-seeking nature before marrying in the sixth episode, titled 'One Ocean Closer to Destiny.' While there, Spencer and Alexandra return to Spencer's hometown to reconnect with the Duttons.

Will Spencer and Alexandra have a baby?Theories

Spencer and Alexandra's friendship, as well as their journey to the Yellowstone Ranch, have paved the way for future romance between the couple. In the first prequel series '1883,' viewers learn about the family tree's origins, led by patriarch John Dutton III (Kevin Costner). However, viewers expect '1923' to bridge the gap between the Dutton family's extreme ends.

Spencer and Alexandra's potential offspring may answer several questions about the Dutton family tree. Therefore, his lineage must be followed through either James' son, namely John Dutton I or Spencer Dutton. In the show, John Dutton and his wife, Emma Dutton, have only one son, Jack Dutton. Therefore, viewers have speculated that either Jack or Spencer is the father of Kevin Costner's character.

In the sixth episode, Jack's wife, Elizabeth, is reported to be expecting a child. The Duttons' present and past generations will likely be linked by the baby. Moreover, 'Yellowstone' does not mention the siblings or cousins of John Dutton III. Therefore, it is assumed that Spencer and Alexandra never had any children.

According to the narration, John's son, Jack, will die before he can have a child with Alexandra. Ultimately, the possibilities of Spencer and Alexandra's having a baby are bleak due to the fact that other characters such as Jacob Dutton and Cara were introduced retroactively and inserted into the Dutton family tree.

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