Explained: Mayfair Witches' Key Necklaces' Significance

Explained: Mayfair Witches' Key Necklaces' Significance ...

'Mayfair Witches,' a supernatural series created by AMC, revolves around Rowan Mayfair, a neurosurgeon who discovers her family's roots following the death of her mother Deirdre Mayfair. The necklace binds the two together, making one wonder about the significance of the item of jewelry.

What Is the Relevance of the Key Necklace?

The key necklace may be considered as the link between Lasher and the Mayfair women who were and are destined to become connected to him. Lasher appeared before Suzanne Mayfair, the first Mayfair witch, to offer her the gift and handed it over to the Mayfair women from their mothers.

The key necklace is used for a primary purpose by Deirdre to summon Lasher to the Mayfair woman who uses it. He also becomes a constant presence in Rowan's life as she acquires the necklace from her mother's personal belongings.

Although it is obvious from the beginning, a Mayfair lady should accept Lasher as her lover and guardian angel in one of the early episodes of the series. This connection makes Lasher an unavoidable part of her life, which is evident in their relationship that lasts until her death.

When Deirdre is murdered, Carlotta hands the necklace to a caretaker woman who was supposed to care for the sick woman. The woman is locked up in the basement of the Mayfair house and is forced by Lasher to smash herself on the wall. Tessa also dies tragically after receiving the necklace when confronting her opponents wearing the same.

Tessa receives the key necklace to become Lasher's new love interest in the sixth episode of the series, only to fail each time. When Tessa realizes that she is in danger, she tries to summon Lasher by touching the necklace, only to fail each time.

Lasher must establish a connection with the thirteenth Mayfair witch in order to be freed from his supernatural existence in order to be able to become a human being again. Rowan may contemplate accepting Lasher wholeheartedly for her family to be protected from the anti-witch groups.

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