Explained: What Is Mike McLusky's Job as Mayor of Kingstown?

Explained: What Is Mike McLusky's Job as Mayor of Kingstown? ...

'Mayor of Kingstown,' a crime-thriller series created by Taylor Sheridan ('Yellowstone') and Hugh Dillon, is set in the titular town and revolves around the McLusky family's lives. However, the series does not disclose much information about Mike McLusky's job in 'Mayor of Kingstown,' which is all you need to know!

What Happened to Mike McLusky to Make Kingstown a Mayor?

Mike McLusky is introduced in the series' premiere episode of 'Mayor of Kingstown,' and serves as the show's protagonist. Jeremy Renner is well-known for playing Clint Barton/Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise, including the spin-off series 'Hawkeye.' Viewers may also remember Renner's Academy Award-winning performance as Sergeant First Class William James in 'The Hurt Locker.'

The McLusky family's fate is tied to the position of Mayor. Initially, Mike's father was the first Mayor of Kingstown. While Mike was imprisoned during his younger years before becoming his brother's right-hand man in the series premiere episode. Thus, Mike takes on the position of Mayor so he can continue his family's legacy and avenge his brother's death.

What is Mike McLusky's Job?

The purpose of the mayor's title in several episodes is unclear. This particular feature dominates local politics and street crime in Kingstown. Several culturally diverse gangs are active in Kingstown, often resulting in a power vacuum for law enforcement.

Mike deals with criminals and law enforcement officers to maintain order in the town's fragile ecosystem. As a result, Mike's job is to act as an unofficial power broker in the town's fragile criminal hierarchy.

While an actual mayor exists in the town, they practically have no authority over its affairs. Instead, Mike McLusky must utilize his power-brokering abilities to reach an agreement that works for everyone. In the process, the Mayor allows a certain level of low-level crime to run smoothly in the town so that he can maintain peace in the larger picture.

Renner told Collider about the nature of his character's job: "He has connections with the people in (the) prison, the leaders in the prison and outside the prison," and the prison guards.

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