With an Easter Egg, an Atomic Heart pays tribute to BioShock

With an Easter Egg, an Atomic Heart pays tribute to BioShock ...

If you've seen any footage from Atomic Heart, you may (or may not) have received BioShock vibes. Developer Mundfish knows that they borrowed something from the 2007 game to pay tribute to it, as the artists snuck in a BioShock Easter egg!

Note: The video below is nearing the end of the game and may be considered a spoiler for some people.

In this video, there are a number of references to BioShock, including the first game that introduced us to the world of Rapture. Atomic Heart describes this location of looking like a "rapture," while also naming the location Neptune. Both are likely to be a coincidence since one of the locations in BioShock is named Neptune's Bounty.

And then there's the lighthouse itself. Sure, many games have lighthouses, but how many of them lead to an underwater city? Same as — yes, you read it correctly — BioShock.

Even the music that is played in Bioshock is a bit similar.

Atomic Heart is without a doubt one of the coolest complements to BioShock. Could it be possible that, given what's been established in BioShock Infinite, Atomic Heart might be another form of alternate reality in some ways? Probably not, but remember, there's always a lighthouse, a man, and a city.

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