Release Date and Time for My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 21

Release Date and Time for My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 21 ...

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 21 is coming to an end, after the studio has already delivered twenty stunning episodes. Now, every MHA fan is looking forward to the official release of my Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 21.

Izuku Midoria is now beginning to probe deeper into his darker side, which is the main selling point of the ongoing Dark Hero Arc. It's one of those story arcs that drew MHA fans back into the manga, and, well, that's what's happening with anime fans as well.

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When Will Season 6 Episode 21 of My Hero Academia Be Released?

On Saturday, February 25, 2023, episode 21 of My Hero Academia will be released worldwide. It will air on Crunchyroll and Netflix at 5:30 PM JST (in some regions), but the release date will vary depending on your region.

  • Pacific Standard Time- 2:30 AM (February 25th)
  • Central Standard Time- 4:30 AM (February 25th)
  • Eastern Standard Time- 5:30 AM (February 25th)
  • British Standard Time- 10:30 AM (February 25th)
  • Central European Time- 11:30 AM (February 25th)
  • Indian Standard Time- 4:00 PM (February 25th)
  • Philippine Standard Time- 6:30 PM (February 25th)
  • Australian Time- 9:00 PM (February 25th)

In My Hero Academia, Lady Nagant exposes herself to Deku.

Deku was separated from the rest of the group in the previous episode, and All Might and other pro-heroes try their best to track him down before All For One gets his hands on him. At this point, Lady Nagant, the ex-hero, shoots Deku's transmitter, causing him to lose contact with the heroes.

Deku dodges another bullet, but Lady Nagant was able to hold off a bullet. She then confronts Deku and asks the hero to leave with her, as she should.

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