Recap & Review of My Beautiful Man Season 2 Episode 2

Recap & Review of My Beautiful Man Season 2 Episode 2 ...

Episode 2 of the show

My Beautiful Man's second episode takes us back to school days, when Kiyoi recalls wanting to hear Hira confess his feelings. Instead, Hira speaks of the fragrant tea olives in front of them.

Kiyoi's head on Hira's lap, gazing at the same foliage, again feints, mentioning his thirst. This sends Hira into a panic as he's no longer interested in him.

To everyone's surprise, Hira admits he's only interested in a part-time job, despite his final year of university. Koyama, who has always understood Hira's anxieties, attempts to persuade him to enter a photography competition. He's reticent.

Kiyoi is being turned down for another drama role. His agent tries to dissuade him from entering the stage. Anna, a well-known actress at his agency, gives him advice on set.

Kiyoi assures himself that their feelings for each other will never be changed. Eventually, Koyama calls with a job opportunity for Hira to ruin the mood.

Kiyoi asks whether Hira should continue to be friends with Koyama the following day. When he does, Kiyoi takes the opportunity to experience things together. However, Koyama turns the tables, accusing Kiyoi of profiting from Hira.

Kiyoi tries to prepare dinner but fails to correct the recipe. Hira claims it's the hotpot of the gods. It somehow becomes a 'who's worse' party, while Hira apologizes (even more), Kiyoi demands he enter the photo competition.

Kiyoi encourages Hira to take Kiyoi's picture professionally, rather than Koyama on certain topics in his life.

Kiyoi is on his stage now as he takes over the inner-monologue narration in this act.

However, just because he's up doesn't mean he's outright controlling. For example, there may be a potential stalker in their realm. A self-proclaimed fan of Kiyoi's senior actress Anna who flails at the closeness of the two on-set. Something to keep an eye on.

And when he's directing Hira, he's unsure what he really wants. Such as instructing Hira to become a professional photographer, then being resentful at the idea. Maybe it's because he's drunk, or is it because Hira would be spreading his wings?

The best part of this Kiyoi-led installment is when he decides to accept the notion that his boyfriend is a creepy person — as if he hadn't been saying it for years — and is generally unconcerned about Kiyoi. He's also genuine and persistent.

Kiyoi's chapter is about change. Even if it's for minor selfish reasons, he's also striving to stay current.

Hira vows to do whatever he can to remain Kiyoi's human being during the closing credits. Think he'll figure out that all he has to do is remain his weird little self to keep his man? I guess every lid has a strange little pot!

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