You Should Consider Building Free-To-Play Units for Fire Emblem Heroes

You Should Consider Building Free-To-Play Units for Fire Emblem Heroes ...

The gacha version in Fire Emblem Heroes is a thrill or a catastrophe, depending on whether or not you get lucky or not. There are many free-to-play options you can consider if you want to save Orbs for a specific character you're waiting for.

Dragon Monarch in Lumera

Lumera was unveiled as a free-to-play unit during the Game Emblem Engage launch, which is one of the most recent Fire Emblem Heroes free-to-play units. This Divine Dragon who rules over Lythos has huge potential for both fodder and merge projects! With Close Call 3 as the B slot skill, that's already a great option for your speedy units.

She is versatile in a variety of ways, from a budget build of Spd/Def Form 3 or Atk/Spd Form 3 as the A skill, to a free Null Follow-Up as the C skill, and any Drive 2 skills as her C skill.

Divine Codes are invaluable when it comes to going all out for her. There are a number of great A slot abilities that can highlight the aggression Lumera will bring in combat. Stick with Null Follow-Up 3 for B slot, and you can either get Joint Drive Atk, Spd, or Spd Smoke 3.

Spd Smoke 4 will gain dodge and take advantage of damage reduction based on her speed. For special effects, we recommend Aether, Ruptured Sky, and Vital Astra. For support skills, we recommend Duo Rally Skills or Harsh Command+.

Kronya: The Gleaming Blade

Kronya from Fire Emblem: Three Houses was a threat when she first appeared as a Grand Hero Battle in Fire Emblem Heroes. Her weapon Athame allows her to attack first when an opponent has taken damage, and gives her +5 to her attack and speed in combat. However, Kronya has Close Counter or any other variation of the A slot, which she will likely have the upper hand in tanking an attack from physical units. For ranged units, she will excel with Atk/Sp

A weapon enhancement was due. It may not be entirely broken, but it aids her in dealing reliable damage similar to Poison Strike 2, and foes getting Exposure as an effect to increase their true damage.

Kronya will always have a chance to use her special, thanks to her Vantage niche. Lull abilities are great alternatives to focus more on reducing stats if Special Spiral isn't an option.

Kronya's budget and premium options include Moonbow, Glimmer, Luna, or Lethality, Ruptured Sky, and Blue Flame. Assist skills may be positional skills, or Harsh Command+.

Nils: A Wandering Star

Nils isn't a meta-breaking dancer, but that doesn't disqualify him in the slightest. He's the go-to guy for budget and merge projects, because he's excellent at using budget and premium builds. He's also versatile as a tanky support dancer.

Slot A will depend on the role he will take. Offensive dancer? Dragon's Wrath 4 might be the best options. Time's Pulse will help him avoid his special blow. While, he can use his drive skills to cheer others around him.

If Nils has Wings of Mercy or Odd Pulse Tie 3, Sing will perform well in Arena. Pavise, Moonbow, or even Aether are just a few skills to consider when choosing a candy prince.

Elincia: The Seaside Queen

Elincia just gained her Ascended form not too long ago, and her loyal followers are ecstatic about their Crimean queen's arrival as a staff unit. Fans were surprised to see her Radiant Dawn incarnation once more.

Summer Elincia is a fantastic weapon that is super efficient and has a Brave Bow effect. Adding a +5 attack and speed is also a great bonus to help meet your goal.

Elincia can inherit Atk/Spd Unity. For a budget-friendly choice, Atk/Spd Menace, Spd/Def Rein Hold, or Spd Smoke 3, it's all about flexibility.

She can also use her Atk/Spd Link 3 for Arena scoring. Specials such as Moonbow, Luna, Ruptured Sky, and Deadeye are excellent alternatives.

Fire Emblem Heroes is now available on Android and Apple iOS devices.

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