Tom Henderson confirms a massive Call of Duty data leak

Tom Henderson confirms a massive Call of Duty data leak ...

The following information has surfaced on the internet about Activision's intentions for the Call of Duty franchise's next year. This is believed to have come from the computer of one of the publisher's human resources departments. The findings concerning the development of Call of Duty are likely to be true.

According to the leak, seasons in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 will take place this year on the following dates:

Season 3 — from March 15 to May 15; Season 4 — from May 15 to July 16; Season 5 — not specified, but judging by the dates, this is July 16 – September 15; Season 6 — from September 15 to November 8.

Below you can see season information — players are waiting for new operators, 70 bundles per season, seven maps, and more.

In the same leak, information about the project "Jupiter" is disclosed, according to insider Tom Henderson, who claims this is the code name for the next part of the Sledgehammer Games series for 2023. Another game is named "Cerberus," which is a Call of Duty project for 2024.

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