Evidence of previous leaks has been condensed for Zelda's LEGO set

Evidence of previous leaks has been condensed for Zelda's LEGO set ...

Super Mario's LEGO sets proved to be a box office smash, and many video game enthusiasts have also wanted them to adapt to The Legend of Zelda. These might indeed be on the way, at least according to current events.

LEGO is a true cult brand that delights collectors from all kinds of entertainment brands when new sets for their favorite brands are released. The countless Super Mario sets are selling like hot cakes, among others.

Nintendo enthusiasts have been hooked since then, and, above all, want LEGO sets for the next big cult brand, namely Zelda. And one or more such sets may be on the way right now, as shown by recent events.

Zelda sets were introduced into play in an actually confidential marketing survey, which included a mention of a Deku Tree set, which was later leaked onto the internet, including Nintendo Prime.

The leak alone is certainly sufficient to warrant further speculation, but LEGO is now putting the crown on the entire thing, so to speak. The video of Nintendo Prime was removed from YouTube because LEGO filed a lawsuit against copyright infringement. It is a "confidential, unpublished news."

The certainty that the leak was true and that the theme set apparently exists at least LEGO internally. The fact that this will ultimately be published has not yet been fully clarified, but the simple existence and subsequent planning behind the scenes alone should lift Zelda and LEGO enthusiasts' hearts.

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